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Au Pair Scam – [email protected] – Best online Au Pair Travel Agency

Had this from a young woman looking for Au Pair work in the UK. She was suspicious of this offer of work and she was right to be so. This is a scam. For a start the Enlish is pretty awful given this is supposed to be from a Lawyer. The payment is way too much for an au pair and the “Best online Au Pair Travel  Agency” the scammers are trying to direct the young women to does not exist.

If anyone else receives offers of work that seem too good to be true you can be pretty sure they are but, if in doubt just send them to us and we will look into it for you. We don’t charge for any of this so no need to worry on that score. We are here to help and very happy to do so.

Goodday xxxx,

We are looking for someone who is outgoing, enthusiastic and creative. We are very happy and easy minded family looking for an Au pair due to the nature of our work.Anna and I are both lawyers. Anna works locally and I work for a large French IT company and we travel a lot. I have already had 1 au pairs the current girl has been with us for 18 months! Generally I like my au pairs to focus on the children, to collect them from school, to help with homework and to do activities with them such as general playing, reading, puzzles, drawing, Lego, music, football etc. Sometimes I ask for light housework or extra babysitting.We will like the aupair to make our kids have fun and to share there childhood, making them feel safe and happy.

Harry aged 3 and loves to play sport, he is good at hockey and football. He lives to play on the play station, play in the garden with his friends and eat chocolate!He is  is shy at the beginning, but if he has a good feeling with people he opens quickly. He is polite and nice with others, some times shy.

Thomas aged 7, He loves palying game PS2.He loves shopping!and he’s gentle but smart with good sense of humor and he is fun to be with.

Furthermore you will have plenty of free time to go to language school in the local town and there are many families nearby and I can introduce you to many au pairs.We live in a village just outside a large town (Swindon). There are some great cities to visit nearby such as Oxford and Bath. Also some beautiful countryside (the area is known as the “Cotswolds”). London is 1 hour away by train. It is in the countryside and you will have use of one of our cars if you have driving experience but it is not a problem if you can’t drive as we can enroll you in a driving lesson as soon as you start working with us and we are only drive from the local town London is 1 hour away by train.

There will be a few hours a week of sole charge for Harry until September when he will be at school until 3.30. Until then he finishes school 2-3 days a week at 1.00 pm, I would ask you to have as much fun as possible with the kids! We have a large 3 bedroom house with big garden and swimming pool. We hope to pay £500 weekly and we will also provide you with a mobile phone with some inclusive minutes each month and the rest would be your responsibility.

We would love a friendly, cheerful aupair with a sense of humor and fun! Your duty is basically taking care of the kids and you will be required to work for 35/40 hours weekly from Monday to Friday with weekends off. Before we proceed further we will still like you to answer these few questions.

1) What is your nationality? 2) Have you ever traveled outside your home country before? 3) Have you much experience working with kid’s? 4) Do you smoke? 5) Do you drink? 6) Do you have brothers and sisters? 7) Do you Drive? 8) Do you mind doing light cooking? 9) Can you help with shopping? 10) Can you help with housework?

We’ll want to know if you have your travel Visa and working permit and if you don’t have any document.Kindly contact the Best online Au Pair Travel  Agency that will help you with  your travel Visa,working permit,Plane ticket and Ehic Card for your trip to UK cause we don’t want anything to happen to you at the airport…They have being helping our family  whenever we wanted to travel. { [email protected] }

We’ll like you to make contact with the Agency so as to help you with your visa,air ticket and work permit in other to be available as fast as possible.

Read from you soon

Hope to hear from you soon.


David and Anna Cole

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