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Another Gay Russian Love Thief…. Pasha Sralmikov

Or should I say, a new name for an old scammer….

Pasha Sralmikov
email: [email protected]


If you have read the forums or the stories, then you already know him – different name, different age, different city, but essentially the same story. Also, you have read the letters – the same letters – my letters – the letters that do not always answer your questions, the letters that cannot have been sent in the evening…

This identity, is still active, as it was just last night that I confirmed my suspicions and faced the ugly truth of ‘his’ deception. It is Saturday, and we all know that the internet cafe is closed on the weekends, don’t we… so I expect to hear from ‘Pasha’ on Monday, and now I know exactly what to expect, should I, for some reason, allow this farce to continue.

Thankfully, I have suffered no great loss; my bruised pride and injured heart will heal. I wish only that there was some way to undo the damage already suffered by others, and to prevent more from being done….

I have already ceased to think of “Pasha” as a real person (hence the quotes). I have seen essentially the same letters sent by Petr, Eduard, Nikolay, Sergey, and more…. I have no reason to believe that the several photos I have are connected in any way to the sender of the emails. That Pasha and Petr and Eduard do not send the same pics does not mean that they are not the same man, nor does the same text in the letters mean that they are the same man.

I think it more likely that they are all constructs to a degree; fictional characters developed for their specific purpose. Perhaps more centrally and organizedly managed than one might initially think. I am not expounding a conspiracy theory, and hope to not be perceived as overly paranoid, but I have a very hard time imagining a 1:1 ratio of actual scammers to scam personae (for lack of a better term coming to mind). Nor do I accept the possibility that all Russian gay scamming is the work of one person, or entity.

So I have to suppose that there are a limited number of individuals and/or small groups that are ‘running’ the majority of these scam personae. They may may be loosely connected in that they are aware of each others’ activities to some degree, but in effect they are in competition with each other. The truly frightening aspect to this scenario is that the potential market is vast and virtually untapped; the competition is not fierce, and with any organization at all their potential for growth is huge.


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