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Andrey Bushkov (aka Sergej V Smirnov)

Andrey Bushkov

Hello, I noticed through a google search that others had been scammed by Andrey Bushkov, who says he lives in Kineshma Russia, and works as a mechanic.

I had no idea he was a scammer, but got nervous when he proceeded so fast after finding me on Silverdaddies.  Within a week, he had told me he had discussed me with his family, then he wanted to come and live with me. 

I kept trying to tell him to slow down as we barely knew each other.  Then I gave up and asked him not to write to me again.  After a few days I felt bad about my actions and wrote him at the same address, but my emails bounced back.

Then I wrote a very brief postal letter to the address he gave me in Kenishma, Russia.  But after maybe 3 weeks, I got the letter back as “undeliverable.”  

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