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I am from the US..  My buddy used that Anastasia web joke. He returned with a 24 yr old, seven out of ten, on the fugly scale. Cost him around $15,000.00 when all was said and done. Well i got to be friends with her, her English was ok.

I made her some of my kick ass Margaritas one night. She had never had Tequila. Well she started answering all my questions. She told me that it is a well known joke in the FSU. The agency’s trick the men into believing the girls on the web site will be at this mixer party they have in the FSU city.

The fact is the agencys place advertisments all over town . The subject is ” come to a free party! the stupid american men think you want to marry them , they have paid for all the alcohol and food. Come and entertain them for a while.

At this point i got ill….  I left.. so the next day, i asked my buddy.. why her? He told me she had the best english of all the girls there. I asked …. thats it?????????? friggin English was her ticket ???? he replied yup…  well i gotta run… more to follow…

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