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I got a message from a "girl" who said she had seen my ad on some site, and she 
claimed she wanted to meet me. But first I had to verify that I was authentic by going 
to a dedicated site. they wanted my credit card number for age verification, but when 
I logged on to their site to look for her name, I got a porno clip site instead. I will 
copy what I received and all info.

Hello henri, I responded to your ad a while back but I guess we lost contact. I really
want to take you up on it, like right now but the problem is, i responded to a similar
ad last month and was supposed to meet up with a guy but later found out afterwards
that it was just some kid playing a prank! Yikes! That was my first time trying to
hookup with someone from craigslist and since then I have been really skeptical
about going through with this again. After seeing your ad I wanted to try this again.
(if you’re legit of course). I am for real so I hope you are as well. I just moved here
from Vermont a couple months ago and wow, what a difference.. I heard about a site
owned by craigslist which verifies that you are for real and safe to hookup with (due to
the recent murder on craigslist I guess) Another Yikes! I just recently did the verification
myself and would like you to do the same. You will just need to verify your age. It will
also make sure you’re not in any sex offender databases and make sure you’re not some
kid playing a prank, etc. It would sure give me peace of mind if you could do this for me.

I promise you that I mean business. I want to hookup, I’m just a little nervous. The site
to verify at is You can also see my picture on there.
They just generated that link for me to give to you. Once you are verified they will send
me a confirmation email that says whether you’re safe or not. If you are safe we can
meet up tonight or tomorrow if you are ready. Dont feel intimidated. I am a very open-minded
individual and like all sorts of things. Older guys is a turn on but guys that are my age are
just as fine. You don’t have to be a model either. I’m not a shallow person. I will email you
my cellphone number as soon as I receive the confirmation email from them that you’re safe.
I am free the whole day. P.S. I prefer that you get verified before we start chatting and
making plans. I hope you can respect that. I am not willing to compromise my safety.
I hope you understand. I’ll send you my cell number but only after you verify yourself.
I hope you’re still interested in getting together. – Jenn xoxox

I thought this was a verication site, and now I see all this porn which I don’t want. And
how can you say there’s no charge and then say any charges will be billed to
WEB-FEECHECK.COM. Now I wil have to cancel my credit card and report this as a
scamming site.

> To: *********
> Subject: Subscription Receipt : 35429828
> From: [email protected]
> Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 12:37:43 -0500
> Henry,
> Member ID: 35429828
> Cost: $0.00
> Your membership has been activated.
> Site name: Amateur Site HD 
> Members URL:
> Username: j66qhn9ct
> Password: u47r3wggr
> Any charges appearing on your credit card statement will be discretely billed as: 


Her given address was [email protected] but when I used it to reply, my mail was returned.
WhenI just used the “reply” button, it was sent to [email protected]. I am alarmed
enough to cancel my credit card.

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